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4 Ways Breast Augmentation Enhances Your Natural Look (Beyond Increasing Your Cup Size)

When women considering breast augmentation at our Eugene, OR, practice come in for consultations, they often bring in "wish" photos to help communicate how they want to look after surgery. These pictures usually focus on breast size, which is understandable. But getting breast implants offers more benefits than boosting a person's cup size. The best …

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Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in the COVID-19 Era?

After months of sheltering at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, some women and men who had planned on getting aesthetic plastic surgery at our Eugene, Oregon, practice prior to the pandemic are likely now wondering if it's safe to undergo an elective operation. Some hesitancy is understandable, but as a plastic surgeon …

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Men's Cosmetic Surgery - November Blog

More Men Are Pursuing Plastic Surgery. What Should You Know?

Statistics released earlier this year by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed a trend we're seeing at our Eugene practice: Increasing numbers of men are coming in for male breast reduction surgery. But that's just part of the picture. As the stigma surrounding plastic surgery erodes, men are becoming more comfortable pursuing aesthetic treatments, …

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Additional benefits to a tummy tuck

The Surprising Benefits of Tummy Tuck

surgery is a favorite cosmetic enhancement for women who have been pregnant or people who have lost a lot of weight. But tummy tucks are not limited to just these two groups of people—and many people are happy to learn of some surprising perks offered by this transformative plastic surgery at my Eugene office. Why choose …

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The many options of breast enhancement

The Wide World of Breast Enhancement

"Breast enhancement": While it may sound like a synonym for breast augmentation, there are actually many ways to enhance the breasts. Enlarging them is only part of the picture, which is why I believe it's important to offer my breast surgery patients in Eugene, Oregon, a number of options for achieving the silhouettes they want. …

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The True Essence of Plastic Surgery

Almost everyone in the world has heard of plastic surgery, but do we know the breadth and depth of this surgical specialty and how it is changing?  Do you know that the word plastic does not imply the man-made material, but rather takes its meaning from the Greek word that means to mold, form and …

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Sleep Apnea and Elective Plastic Surgery

Many individuals are afflicted with breathing disorders that plague them when they sleep, known as sleep apnea. These are commonly treated with constant positive airway devices (CPAP). Such individuals become interested in elective cosmetic plastic surgery to improve appearances. This can present a challenge for patients and their physicians, as sleep apnea patients require a …

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