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Our plastic surgery and medical spa practice in Eugene, Oregon, occasionally post stories about the latest news in the aesthetics field, featuring comments from either Dr. Mark Jewell or Dr. Alireza “Reza” Najafian.

A Look at Every Type of Breast Surgery

Dr. Mark Jewell was among the breast surgery experts quoted in this blog post featured on He provided his expertise and insights on topics including choosing the size, shape, and placement of breast implants; thoughts on the B-Lite implant (currently in clinical trials); when it makes sense to have a breast lift; the many benefits of breast reduction; and cases best suited to breast reconstruction with an autologous tissue flap over an implant. …

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Improved Technique May Limit Rare Breast Implant-Related Cancer

Dr. Mark Jewell, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Eugene, Oregon, says research shows improvements in surgical technique appears to limit this disorder. Eugene, Oregon (July 2017) — Certain improved surgical techniques appear to limit the occurrence of a rare cancer related to breast implants, according to research performed by Dr. Mark Jewell, one of the top in Eugene, Oregon, and some of his colleagues. “Using proven surgical techniques designed to reduce bacterial contamination during breast augmentation procedures can significantly reduce the chances of a patient developing this disorder, called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL),” Dr. Jewell …

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Study: Breast Augmentation Has No Negative Effect On Breastfeeding

Dr. Mark Jewell, who performs breast augmentation in Eugene, Oregon, shared the findings at the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conference. Kyoto, Japan (November 2016) — Dr. Mark Jewell presented a scientific research study that he conducted along with co-authors Michael Edwards, M.D. and Diane Murphy, MBA at the 23rd Congress of ISAPS in Kyoto, Japan. This study reviewed the lactation outcomes of approximately 6,000 women who had either saline or silicone gel breast implants that attempted to breastfeed their babies. Lactation outcome data was compared to patients’ baseline history of pregnancies and lactation before and after , along …

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Liposuction Specialist Offers Advice Amid Wave Of New Fat Treatments

Dr. Mark Jewell, a leading liposuction surgeon in Eugene, Oregon, says the surgery is still the most consistent choice among fat reduction procedures. Eugene, Oregon (January, 2016) — Dr. Mark Jewell, a plastic surgeon specializing in in Eugene, Oregon, says innovative fat reduction treatments that don’t require surgery can be effective choices for some people, but they can’t match the dramatic and consistent results achieved by liposuction surgery. “The recent advances in non-surgical treatments offer some patients an excellent alternative because they are convenient and typically more affordable,” Dr. Jewell says. “But these treatments aren’t for everyone, and it is …

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