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Is It Always Necessary To Place Breast Implants Under the Chest Muscle? 

Dr. Mark Jewell and Dr. Alireza Najafian answer this question in terms of what they call their version of the modern breast augmentation. This answer is based on their many years of performing breast augmentations, scientific research, and knowledge of how to produce a great long-term outcome with high levels of patient satisfaction.  Historically, there …

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4 Ways Breast Augmentation Enhances Your Natural Look (Beyond Increasing Your Cup Size)

When women considering breast augmentation at our Eugene, OR, practice come in for consultations, they often bring in "wish" photos to help communicate how they want to look after surgery. These pictures usually focus on breast size, which is understandable. But getting breast implants offers more benefits than boosting a person's cup size. The best …

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Dr. Jewell’s Cosmetic Breast Surgery ‘Atlas’ Published

The publication of Dr. Mark Jewell's latest book, "The Contemporary Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery," showcases our own Dr. Jewell's expertise in cosmetic breast surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lifts. The Oregon board-certified plastic surgeon collaborated with a colleague to co-edit the atlas, which contains approximately 25 chapters. The aesthetic breast surgery …

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Why Winter Is the Perfect Season for Breast Augmentation

Winter is often thought of as "plastic surgery season" in general, and it's certainly true for women who are thinking about getting breast implants. With so many people working from home because of the pandemic, it's especially true this year. There's really no "bad" time to schedule breast augmentation surgery at my Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice, …

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Doctor in Eugene, OR holding breast implants to explain safety

How Safe Are Breast Implants?

The subject of breast implant safety is a topic that breast augmentation patients at my Eugene, Oregon practice have discussed more often in the past year because of publicity surrounding draft FDA guidelines issued last year and which were recently finalized. As an article published recently in the magazine New Beauty noted (and in which …

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Breast Augmentation: Do I Really Need a General Anesthetic?

Will I need general anesthesia for my breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is a popular procedure and there are various ways that plastic surgeons perform it. Most utilize a general anesthetic for the procedure. Dr. Jewell does this differently, as for most healthy women, it is possible to perform breast augmentation comfortably and safely without a …

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FDA OKs Continued Use of Textured Breast Implants

Women considering breast augmentation at my Oregon plastic surgery practice occasionally ask if textured breast implants remain an option after reading recent reports linking those implants to various health concerns. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement in May saying that textured implants can still be used for breast enhancement, explaining that …

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A woman rests in bed after a full recovery from a subtle breast augmentation procedure.

The Rise of the Subtle Breast Augmentation

For women considering breast augmentation at our Eugene, Oregon, practice, there is a growing interest in achieving subtle results rather than a dramatic transformation. Instead of seeking considerable size increases, women are now focused on slightly enhancing the size and shape of their breasts to feel more feminine and reverse any undesirable effects brought on …

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A woman looks in the mirror and considers breast augmentation.

Uneven Breasts Are Common—Breast Augmentation Can Help

Symmetry is often associated with attractiveness. That’s been shown to be true for faces, and having perfectly even breasts is something many women desire. The fact is, however, that most women’s breasts have some degree of asymmetry—some estimates put it at nearly 90% of women. It comes as a surprise to many women considering breast augmentation at …

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