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A mother exercises to complement the results of her tummy tuck

Exercise Can’t Shrink Excess Stomach Skin After Pregnancy

Earlier, one of the most popular blogs on parenting, Scary Mommy, featured a post that told the unvarnished truth about post-baby bodies. The topic echoed what we’ve heard countless times from tummy tuck patients at our Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice. “Let me break it down for you,” the blog post’s author wrote. “In addition …

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Dr. Jewell is featured in the Winter/Spring 2019 issue of New Beauty Magazine segment about body contouring procedures and patient safety

Last fall, Dr. Jewell was interviewed by New Beauty’s writer Jolene Edgar for an article on body contouring surgery and patient safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. He had a lot to say about this procedure with regards to its risks and unknown long-term outcomes. This is a procedure that is sought after by …

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