5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Ideal Time for Plastic Surgery

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is nothing short of glorious, and few people want to sacrifice this special time outdoors to recover following elective cosmetic surgery. That’s why we tend to see an uptick in patients at our Eugene, OR, plastic surgery practice once the days start getting shorter.

While there isn’t a specific “plastic surgery season,” there are plenty of good reasons to schedule a consultation in the fall, so you can book your surgical procedure for a convenient time during the winter.

Let’s take a look at the specific reasons why winter is such a popular time for cosmetic surgery.

  1. Shorter, cooler days: Recovery after plastic surgery means you’re going to be taking it easy and spending most of your time indoors for at least a few days, if not more. Remaining indoors is a lot easier to tolerate during the colder, darker winter months. And then once you’re ready to go outside again, the winter season’s layers of clothes and accessories, such as scarves, are ideal for concealing post-surgical garments, dressings, or scars. Winter clothing also helps you avoid the sun after surgery, which is something covered in a previous blog post.
  2. More vacation time: With winter come the holidays. Some patients feel the holidays are the least likely time to get plastic surgery. But many of our patients take advantage of their extra days off to avoid using personal vacation days for recovery.
  3. Extra help: Because of the aforementioned holidays, chances are pretty good that family and friends will be available to provide some much-needed assistance during your recovery. The early days following any plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, requires patients to get plenty of rest. So, having someone else available to cook, clean, or run errands is a big plus.
  4. Post-holiday surgery: The winter months extend well past the holiday season, and can be a great time for plastic surgery. For example, January, February, and March are usually light on social events since holiday parties are behind you, and weddings and graduations still a few months away.
  5. Be ready for summer: One of the best perks of having plastic surgery in the winter is that with the healing process complete, you be ready to show off your beautiful results as summer rolls in. You’ll also be ready to shop for new bikinis, summer dresses, or tank tops to highlight your new contours.

I’ll add a 6th reason that plastic surgery and wintertime make a good combination: Couples can celebrate the winter holidays by giving each other the gift of plastic surgery as a present. Or, you can simply gift yourself with something you’ve always wanted.

If you’re thinking about scheduling plastic surgery in the winter, now’s a good time to contact us. You can schedule an appointment using the online form or call our office at (541) 683-3234 to request a consultation.

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