The True Essence of Plastic Surgery

Almost everyone in the world has heard of plastic surgery, but do we know the breadth and depth of this surgical specialty and how it is changing?  Do you know that the word plastic does not imply the man-made material, but rather takes its meaning from the Greek word that means to mold, form and shape?  Plastic surgery evolved as a specialty after WWI and II because so many victims of these wars were disfigured by bombs.  These soldiers needed to be reconstructed or made whole again.  Plastic surgeons closed gapping wounds, transplanted tissues to cover limbs and restored nerves and blood vessels. Often we call this soft tissue repairs.  Cosmetic surgery is a specialty that involves the skin and its contents from head to toe.  For this reason, it has one of the longest training programs of any medical specialty, as it takes years to learn and become accomplished.

handsThe Desire For Plastic Surgery

As this specialty evolved, it has become an art form in the world of surgery changing characteristics of shape, aesthetically molding and forming body parts, and reconstructing birth defects and disfigurement due to accidents or disease.  From time immoral, people have been seeking to look their best.  So it is not surprising that when people began to see reconstructed noses, faces and breasts looking better than what nature gave them, they began to ask plastic surgeons if they too could have surgery to correct something they felt to be disfiguring.  The aesthetic or elective side of Plastic Surgery has grown exponentially.  In a world where youthful-looking is a superior, valued attribute and looking your best allows individuals to be comfortable in their own skin; it is no wonder cosmetic Surgery is dramatically changing people’s lives.

The Use of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is at the forefront of both elective surgery and cosmetic medicine.  Often when we look in the mirror, it seems that we are our own worse critics.  Some people see the frown lines between their eyes, which they feel makes them look angry; others see if they had more volume on top they might feel better proportioned.  These are very personal critiques; and whether a person elects Botox or Dysport to soften their look or undergo surgery for breast enhancement, it is a highly, personal decision.  No matter what your concerns are about you and the possibility of cosmetic surgery, they are best discussed with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can guide you through your quest.

Board certification in the specialty of plastic surgery is a must when a person wants the highest level of expertise.  Plastic surgeons care for people without compromise.

Those who have been the recipients understand the magnitude of what it can do to reconstruct.

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