The Surprising Benefits of Tummy Tuck

Additional benefits to a tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a favorite cosmetic enhancement for women who have been pregnant or people who have lost a lot of weight. But tummy tucks are not limited to just these two groups of people—and many people are happy to learn of some surprising perks offered by this transformative plastic surgery at my Eugene office.

Why choose a tummy tuck?

For most people, weight loss and pregnancy are positive events, but they can also leave behind bothersome physical effects. For example, after pregnancy or weight loss, many people are left with excess abdominal skin—loose, empty areas that don’t go away with diet or exercise adjustments. Additionally, pregnancy can also stretch and weaken the abdominal muscles, creating a skin “pouch” on the lower abdomen that’s extremely stubborn to remove.

While cutting back on snacks and hitting the gym can help melt away fat, surgical intervention with a tummy tuck is the only option for noticeably reducing excess abdominal skin.

The tummy tuck procedure

Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck procedure is accomplished as follows:

  • While the patient is under general anesthesia, I first perform selective liposuction to define the waist and ensure an even result.
  • Once liposuction is complete, I make a long, horizontal incision along the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area.
  • I then tighten the abdominal muscles, suturing them together if they’ve separated.
  • I cut away excess skin and pull down the remaining skin, creating a smooth contour.
  • I reshape the navel and reposition it if necessary.
  • I close the incision with sutures.

I also add surgical drains (typically 2) to the incision, allowing fluid to flow out of the body instead of accumulating inside and causing swelling. These drains are safely removed around 1 week after surgery. Before the procedure, my staff or I instruct each patient on how to care for the drains, including keeping them clean and monitoring fluid collection. This information helps us understand how well your body is healing.

Surprising benefits of tummy tuck

In addition to finally conquering loose skin, a tummy tuck has some surprising, unsung benefits. Because the muscles of the abdomen are typically tightened during surgery, patients often report losing inches around their waists. Female patients enjoy a more pronounced hourglass shape, and most patients have stronger, more stable core muscles. Tummy tuck is a wonderful, versatile procedure that does so much more than reducing a belly pouch.

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