Legacy of Firsts

Dr. Jewell in surgery
Standing out among Oregon plastic surgeons, Mark Jewell, M.D. is a prime mover in plastic surgery with regards to original research, innovation, and leadership. Within his career, he has worked to provide patients with new drugs, devices, improved techniques, and processes that optimize their outcomes. Dr. Jewell has made major contributions within his specialty of plastic surgery, including over 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles, books, and book chapters.

Here Are Some Firsts:


Developed a patient safety communication for International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and The Aesthetic Society (USA) about the dangers of fake medications that contain lethal amounts of fentanyl. It was distributed worldwide. Dr. Jewell also published a survey of members of The Aesthetic Society regarding the US FDA Patient Decision Checklist. Mark and Mary Jewell endowed the new Patient Safety Award for the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery Research Foundation.


Dr. Jewell authored as manuscript on clinical applications for silicone gel implants that had different cohesivity. Dr. Jewell published an invited commentary regarding an article, “A Practical Guide to Managing Patients with Systemic Symptoms and Breast Implants.”


Dr. Jewell and Hillary Jewell, RN, NP published a two-part scientific research study evaluating the effectiveness of antimicrobial solutions to kill bacteria and biofilms. Their data indicated that antibiotic solutions were not effective and that iodine-containing solutions (povidone iodine, Betadine) was the most effective choice.


Dr. Jewell and Hillary Jewell, RN, NP published a letter to the editor of The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, “Medicine by Belief, So Says Dr. Google” that addressed the nocebo effect of social media giving erroneous medical advice about breast implants and systemic symptoms.


Dr. Jewell co-edited The Comprehensive Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery textbook. His chapter addressed reoperative breast implant surgery. He also published a scientific paper on the physical properties of silicone gel breast implants. Dr. Jewell published a special topic on Betadine and breast implants. Dr. Jewell and Mary Jewell authored a monograph, “Living with Breast Implant Monograph: 10 Things Women Should Know About Their Breast Implants.”


Dr. Jewell was an author on a scientific paper that demonstrated that macrotextured breast implants could be used safely in a population of 21,000 patients. Dr. Jewell published a book chapter in Neligan’s textbook on facelifts.


Dr. Jewell published a scientific research study that demonstrated women after breast augmentation could successfully breastfeed their babies. This study involved more than 3500 women.


  • First published a scientific paper on outcome data from Seri Surgical Scaffold used in 2-stage breast reconstruction (multiple authors) in 2015.


  • First to teach an instructional course on Diagnostic Ultrasound in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2014.
  • First published a scientific paper on outcome data from Seri Surgical Scaffold used in abdominal wall reconstruction (multiple authors) 2014.


  • First to teach an instructional course on non-surgical body contouring with high-intensity focused ultrasound in plastic surgery in 2013.
  • First to develop templates made from Seri Surgical Scaffold for use in primary breast augmentation in 2013.
  • First to teach an instructional course on Seri Surgical Scaffold in plastic surgery in 2013.
  • First to present outcomes from Seri Surgical Scaffold used in sure-001 Study for 2-stage breast reconstruction, May 2013 (Canadian Society Plastic Surgeons).


  • First to develop 3-dimensional templates made from Seri Surgical Scaffold 2012 for use in direct-to-implant breast reconstruction.
  • First to publish a patient outcome study on High and Extra-high Projecting Breast Implants in 2012.
  • First to participate in a phase 2 clinical studies involving the use of antisense oligonucleotide drug (Excaliard) designed to suppress connective tissue growth factor in healing surgical wounds 2012.
  • First to publish an editorial about The Breast Implant at 50 Years in 2012.Safety
  • First to publish patient safety article on Chronic Pain Patient as a Risk Factor in Plastic Surgery, 2012.


  • First to develop 3-dimensional templates made from porcine sub-serosa for use in breast reconstruction 2011.
  • First to publish a process for evaluation of periprosthetic fluid occurring around breast implants to address concerns over anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) in 2011.
  • First to publish a review of the literature on anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) associated with breast implants in 2011.
  • First to publish a prospective, multi-center, randomized, sham-controlled study to evaluate high-intensity, focused ultrasound for non-surgical body contouring in humans 2011.
  • First to publish a scientific study describing the mechanism of action of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for non-surgical body contouring in a porcine model 2011.


  • First to publish a patient safety article on Sleep Apnea as a Risk Factor in Plastic Surgery
  • First to publish an invited commentary questioning the benefit of laser liposuction 2010.
  • First to publish an editorial about the Patient Safety Movement in Plastic Surgery at 10 years.
  • Worked on the development of Prineo, the first cyanoacrylate-based wound tape closure system in 2010.
  • First to develop and use Ethicon EndoSurgery Synergy Harmonic Scalpel Hand piece 2010.
  • First published a comparison of two highly cohesive, form stable breast implants (Mentor CPG and Allergan 410) in 2010.
  • First to describe The use of Toyota Planning System/Lean Manufacturing Concepts in Cosmetic Breast Augmentation to Improve the Quality of Outcomes and Reduce Reoperations in 2010.


  • First published Safety With Injectables Workbook in 2009 (Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety)

Surgeons Learning from Each Other

  • Organized Breast Implant Safety website in 2006.
  • Developed Safety With Injectables web site 2006.
  • First published a book chapter on ultrasonic lipoabdominoplasty in 2006.
  • Organized Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety in 2006.
  • Organized the Community Service Award for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2006.
  • Organized the first scientific presentation of MACS face lift with cranial suspension at a US plastic surgery meeting in 2006.
  • Edited the first monograph on facial volume correction with Restylane Sub-Q 2006.
  • First published the Cycle of Care Workbook describing care cycle of aesthetic plastic surgery patients 2006.
  • First published as Executive Editor on a Consensus Recommendations for Soft Tissue
  • Augmentation with Non-animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (Restylane) (NASHA)


  • First published a scientific paper with other authors describing ways to manage adverse events associated with breast augmentation (BASPI) in 2004.

VaserLipo machine

  • First published a prospective, multi-site investigation of patient satisfaction and psychosocial status following cosmetic surgery in 2001.
  • Taught the first instructional course on patient safety in plastic surgery in 2001.
  • First published a scientific paper describing a new solid probe pulsed ultrasonic liposuction device (VASER) (2001)
  • First scientific presentation on solid-probe, pulsed ultrasonic lipoplasty (VASER) 2001.


  • First multimedia CD ROM used in plastic surgery instructional courses (ASAPS, 1997).
  • Worked to develop the first electronic communications platform for Plastic Surgery (Plastic Surgery On-Line). 1996
  • First published a compendium of informed consent documents for plastic surgery, Patient Consultation resource Book


  • First published description on healing strength of surgical wounds closed with staples 1983.
  • First description of domestic cat Toxoplasma titer levels in a large urban area.
  • First description of transmission of Toxoplasma by non-domestic cats (Ocelot and Jaguarundi) 1973.

Since establishing his plastic surgery practice in Eugene, Oregon, Dr. Jewell has remained an innovator in the field of aesthetics. Request a consultation with Dr. Jewell using the online form or call our office at (541) 683-3234 to schedule an appointment.

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