Uneven Breasts Are Common—Breast Augmentation Can Help

A woman looks in the mirror and considers breast augmentation.

Symmetry is often associated with attractiveness. That’s been shown to be true for faces, and having perfectly even breasts is something many women desire. The fact is, however, that most women’s breasts have some degree of asymmetry—some estimates put it at nearly 90% of women. It comes as a surprise to many women considering breast augmentation at our Eugene, Oregon, practice that breast implants can help solve this concern.

Creating Symmetry with Breast Augmentation

In most cases, breast asymmetry isn’t pronounced enough to cause concern. Some women, though, are self-conscious about the appearance of uneven breasts and don’t believe there is anything they can do about it. Getting breast implants to correct asymmetry is one of the overlooked benefits of breast augmentation.

As a breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Mark Jewell addresses breast asymmetry during virtually all breast enhancement procedures, not just in more severe cases. Sometimes using an implant that’s slightly larger than the other implant can create the desired balance. Fat grafting—transferring fat from another area of the patient’s body to the breast—is another tool used to create breast symmetry. Breast re-shaping with newer-generation gel implants is also possible.

Pregnancy and Uneven Breasts

Even though many women’s breast develop unevenly, breastfeeding can also lead to asymmetry. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen discussed her experience in a memoir published last year, saying that after the birth and breastfeeding of her children she underwent a “secret” breast augmentation to correct uneven breasts.

“I felt very vulnerable because I can work out, I can eat healthy, but I can’t change the fact that both of my kids enjoyed the left boob more than the right,” she told an interviewer for People magazine.

Uneven breasts may become more noticeable during pregnancy and breastfeeding because 1 breast may get larger and you can more easily see and feel the difference. And many, even most, women produce more breastmilk on 1 side, which can further magnify the unevenness.

The Larger Left Side

One of the quirky things about uneven breasts is that studies have shown that the left breast is usually larger than the right one. It appears to be one of those unexplainable anatomical mysteries that affects many women of all different shapes and sizes for no good reason.

If you’re considering breast augmentation for any reason, you can see in our gallery of before-and-after photos the kind of results the procedure can create. Women looking for a breast augmentation specialist travel from Salem and Roseburg in Oregon, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest to have Dr. Jewell perform their procedures. You can contact us using the online form to request a personal consultation with Dr. Jewell or call our Eugene plastic surgery practice at (541) 204-3540 to schedule an appointment.

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