What’s the Average Cost of Breast Augmentation in Oregon?

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Breast augmentation can range in price from around $5,000 to $12,000. What explains the wide pricing range? This blog post aims to shed some light on this very common question.

Women considering breast augmentation in cities like Salem or Eugene, Oregon, inevitably ask their plastic surgeons about the cost of the procedure. The same is true no matter where you live. Budget is a factor when deciding on getting virtually any elective cosmetic surgery because health insurance doesn’t cover the costs—and plastic surgery is a significant investment.  

Most patients who go online to research breast augmentation costs find a wide range of prices that can be more confusing than enlightening. That’s in part because the findings can be misleading. If the quoted price doesn’t include a number of additional fees or costs associated with breast augmentation surgery, a patient may walk into a consultation with cost expectations that aren’t realistic. For patients seeing Dr. Mark Jewell, matters are more straightforward.

For most patients, we can give you accurate pricing for your breast augmentation that is performed in Dr. Jewell’s accredited office surgical facility. His practice is unique because patients can comfortably have their breast augmentation performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia instead of a general anesthetic. General anesthesia is optional and not needed for most patients.

Implant Type 

Implants filled with silicone gel are more expensive than those filled with saline. The newest-generation smooth silicone gel implants (which come in various levels of cohesiveness) are more advanced and, as a result, are more expensive to produce.  

Practice Location 

All things being equal, a woman getting breast implants in New York City or Los Angeles will typically pay more than someone in Salem, Eugene, or other Oregon cities. That’s because plastic surgeons factor in the higher cost of living in larger, metropolitan citiesplus there is a higher demand for these surgeries in certain areas 

Plastic Surgeon’s Experience

Choosing a plastic surgeon with years of experience who has specialized training in cosmetic breast surgery will typically mean the breast augmentation procedure will cost more. Dr. Jewell is recognized internationally as an expert on breast implants and breast augmentation surgery and has performed more than 5,500 breast augmentation procedures. He travels nationally and internationally instructing other surgeons about the latest advances in breast enhancement surgery and has testified before the U.S. FDA on the safety of breast implants.  He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications on breast implants.

Caution About Price Shopping

Cost is always a factor for patients who are considering breast augmentation, but we strongly recommend that it not be the primary consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon. You should seek out a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and a member of The Aesthetic Society. because they have many more years of specialized training than other surgeons or physicians in cosmetic breast surgery. Find one who you feel comfortable with and who you can communicate with honestly.

Look at the surgeon’s before-and-after photos to see the types of results they showcase. If you’re comfortable with a specific surgeon, consider financing the cost of breast augmentation to spread payments out instead of having to pay the full amount at once.  

If you’re looking in Oregon for a breast augmentation specialist, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation with Dr. Jewell or call us at (541) 683-3234 to schedule an appointment.  



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