Why Winter Is the Perfect Season for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Eugene, OR

Winter is often thought of as “plastic surgery season” in general, and it’s certainly true for women who are thinking about getting breast implants. With so many people working from home because of the pandemic, it’s especially true this year. There’s really no “bad” time to schedule breast augmentation surgery at my Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice, but in this blog post, I’ll describe some of the reasons many patients choose the winter months.

‘Sweater Weather’ Makes It Easy to Cover Up

Wearing layers of clothes helps you remain discreet during the recovery, disguising your recovery support bra and breasts that sit higher on the chest than normal. It will take a while for your implants to drop and soften, especially if you have implants inserted behind the pectoral muscles.

You’ll Be Ready for Summer

Even though the recovery time needed after breast augmentation surgery is relatively brief, the procedure’s optimal results can take several months to appear. During that time, the implants settle into their final position (as mentioned above) and ultimately look like natural breasts. By scheduling surgery in winter, you can be sure to look your best wearing a bikini or tank tops in the summer.

Time Off During the Holidays

Many patients take advantage of the extra time off during the winter holidays to schedule breast augmentation. Even though patients can typically return to work within just a couple of days after getting breast implants, many women find taking a few extra days is worth it to feel their best. And, as I mentioned before, if you’re working at home during the pandemic, it makes it much easier to ease back into work gradually.

Cooler, Rainy Weather

Few cosmetic surgery patients, whatever the procedure, enjoy recovering during the heat of the summer. It’s simply more uncomfortable to be perspiring when you have bandages or sutures. Curling up on one of Oregon’s rainy winter days during your recovery and reading or binge-watching Netflix is a much more attractive idea.

The Gift of Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re comfortable discussing your plans with friends or family, scheduling your breast augmentation around the holidays may lead to some financial assistance to pay for the procedure as a stocking stuffer.

Women considering breast augmentation travel from Salem, Corvallis, and throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to our practice. Dr. Jewell is considered one of the leading cosmetic breast surgery experts in the world and uses advanced techniques to produce the type of results that exceed patients’ expectations. You can browse our gallery of before-and-after photos to see these outcomes for yourself.

Because winter is a popular time for cosmetic surgery, we recommend contacting us soon using the online form to request a consultation. Or call us directly at (541) 683-3234 to schedule an appointment.

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