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A woman touches her stomach after getting a tummy tuck.

6 Reasons People Get Tummy Tucks

When patients considering a tummy tuck visit my Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice for a consultation, their goal is to have excess abdominal skin removed. Although that is the primary reason people get abdominoplasty—known as a tummy tuck—it's not the only benefit of the procedure. Tummy tuck procedures offer a number of other physical benefits, …

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A woman poses after getting a med spa treatment.

5 Trending Med Spa Treatments

As businesses reopen and women and men begin returning to offices after a year of working from home and avoiding social gatherings, people are scheduling med spa treatments such as Ultherapy® at our Eugene, Oregon, practice. After such as stressful year, it's understandable that we want to look refreshed. According to aesthetic-related websites such as …

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Hillary Jewell, Nurse Practitioner in Eugene, OR

Meet Hillary Jewell, RN: Board-Certified Nurse Injector & Eugene, Oregon’s BOTOX® and Injectables Expert

Art is an interest shared by many of the men and women who ultimately enter the field of aesthetic surgery and treatment. That’s certainly true of Hillary Jewell, a board-certified nurse injector who’s now part of the “family business” at Jewell Plastic Surgery in Eugene, Oregon. "I am an artist at heart,” Hillary says. “If …

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Breast augmentation Eugene, OR

Why Winter Is the Perfect Season for Breast Augmentation

Winter is often thought of as "plastic surgery season" in general, and it's certainly true for women who are thinking about getting breast implants. With so many people working from home because of the pandemic, it's especially true this year. There's really no "bad" time to schedule breast augmentation surgery at my Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice, …

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Doctor in Eugene, OR holding breast implants to explain safety

How Safe Are Breast Implants?

The subject of breast implant safety is a topic that breast augmentation patients at my Eugene, Oregon practice have discussed more often in the past year because of publicity surrounding draft FDA guidelines issued last year and which were recently finalized. As an article published recently in the magazine New Beauty noted (and in which …

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A woman evaluates implant options for her breast augmentation surgery.

What Is Breast Implant Illness (BII)?

There has been a lot in the news lately about the safety of breast implants. At my Eugene, Oregon, practice, I regularly answer questions about this topic from patients, and I believe there is some confusion about the issue. Much of the confusion stems from the fact that 2 entirely separate issues are often discussed …

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