Meet Hillary Jewell, RN: Board-Certified Nurse Injector & Eugene, Oregon’s BOTOX® and Injectables Expert

Hillary Jewell, Nurse Practitioner in Eugene, OR

Art is an interest shared by many of the men and women who ultimately enter the field of aesthetic surgery and treatment. That’s certainly true of Hillary Jewell, a board-certified nurse injector who’s now part of the “family business” at Jewell Plastic Surgery in Eugene, Oregon.

“I am an artist at heart,” Hillary says. “If I didn’t go into medicine, I’d be working as an artist in some manner.”

In a sense, of course, she is. An artist’s eye enables her to provide exceptional results to patients she injects with BOTOX® and dermal fillers such as the JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® product collections. Attention to detail and technical skill are lessons Hillary learned at an early age by watching her father, Dr. Mark Jewell.

“Having watched my father’s patients over the years, I realized that they expected this level of personalized care,” says Hillary. “He set his standards very high, and that’s something I want to emulate.”

Another Mentor

Hillary cites Dr. Jewell’s first assistant nurse as a mentor who helped guide her toward aesthetic medicine as a career. As a child growing up around her father’s practice, she realized as she got older that the field was ingrained in her. That included an abiding conviction to “do no harm and do the best for our patients.”

“Doing things the right way, rather than the way that is most profitable, is something I learned from father,” says Hillary.

To pursue her career choice, Hillary first earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Denver and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Queensland in Australia. Most recently, she graduated from Simmons College in Boston with a nurse practitioner degree.

Favorite Procedures

Hillary uses her expertise as a nurse injector almost daily. She believes neurotoxins—BOTOX and Dysport®—provide patients the “best bang for their buck.” She points out that there’s no downtime and the results appear within days. Plus, the treatments are quite discreet when performed by an expert injector, and the results are consistent and predictable, meaning patients can feel confident with each treatment.

Hillary says that performing Ultherapy® treatments is another highlight because you spend more time with people and get to know them. The FDA-cleared, nonsurgical skin tightening procedure is also one of the most effective treatments available for women and men who want a slimmer, more well-defined jawline. It lifts and tightens skin and produces results in a single treatment.

Approach to Consultations

Hillary says honesty is the most important part of a consultation. She doesn’t over-promise what a treatment can accomplish, and she doesn’t recommend more costly procedures when they’re not needed. She says that it’s important to actively listen to a patient describe their concerns and understand why they’re seeking aesthetic treatments.

“I love it when people call and have an interest in something or an area that they want to improve,” Hillary says. “I listen to what their expectations of me are, what their price range is, and their experiences. I want to work with them; I never want to sell people. I want to provide the best care first.”

Once she’s gathered all the necessary information, Hillary says she can recommend what she believes to be the best solution for their concerns.

Hillary’s Interests

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Hillary loves being physically active outdoors. She’s a master scuba diver and an avid skier, skydiver, and traveler. She tries to visit family in Norway as often as possible and has 2 cats she rescued—Coho and Bear. She enjoys wine and watching shows on Netflix that make you pay attention and think about the plots.

If you’re interested in discussing aesthetic concerns with Hillary, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (541) 683-3234 to schedule an appointment at our Eugene practice.

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