6 Reasons People Get Tummy Tucks

A woman touches her stomach after getting a tummy tuck.

When patients considering a tummy tuck visit my Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery practice for a consultation, their goal is to have excess abdominal skin removed. Although that is the primary reason people get abdominoplasty—known as a tummy tuck—it’s not the only benefit of the procedure.

Tummy tuck procedures offer a number of other physical benefits, including some that aren’t cosmetic. Perhaps the greatest benefit most patients want is a restored sense of self-esteem after losing a significant amount of weight or having children. Women and men who lose weight after making lifestyle changes or undergoing weight loss surgery are often frustrated because they still feel insecure about their bodies.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a nutritious diet is important, but it won’t shrink loose skin. A tummy tuck produces transformational results that boost patients’ confidence, as you can see in our gallery of before-and-after photos featuring some of our actual patients.

What Are Other Benefits of Tummy Tucks?

Besides creating attractive body contours, what are the other advantages of undergoing a tummy tuck? Here is a look:

  1. Tightened abdominal muscles: Some women are left with “post-baby pooches” after giving birth. This condition is called diastasis recti, which is the separation of abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck repairs this condition, tightening the muscles.
  2. Reduced fat: Most tummy tuck procedures include liposuction to remove localized fat. This combination helps create smooth, aesthetically pleasing contours. Additionally, studies show that people who undergo weight loss surgery are more likely to maintain a lower weight when they undergo tummy tuck surgery.
  3. Repaired hernia: Plastic surgeons often recommend having hernias repaired during a tummy tuck. Hernias occur when the intestine or abdominal tissue protrudes through abdominal wall muscles, causing discomfort.
  4. Minimized urinary incontinence:  Stress urinary incontinence mainly affects women who have given vaginal birth. Those with this condition experience uncontrollable bladder leakage, especially when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. This can be quite stressful and impact the quality of patients’ lives because they’re constantly worrying about having to find a bathroom at social events or while traveling.
  5. Reduced back pain: Core muscles weakened by pregnancy or significant weight loss sometimes cause back muscles to overcompensate, leading to lower back pain. As mentioned earlier, tummy tuck surgery tightens these ab muscles and helps strengthen the core. This can result in improved posture and decreased back pain. In fact, a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® revealed the link between tummy tucks and diminished back pain.
  6. Removed stretch marks or scars: The skin removed during a full tummy tuck is often where you’ll see post-pregnancy stretch marks. It’s also where women who deliver babies via cesarean section have scars. 

Of course, getting the full benefits of a tummy tuck involves choosing an experienced, highly qualified, and board-certified plastic surgeon. Even though a tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure, it is major surgery. If you are considering a tummy tuck and looking for the best plastic surgeon in Oregon, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation. Or call our practice at (541) 683-3234 to schedule an appointment.

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