Mark Jewell MD a New Breast Implant Choice “INSPIRA”

Dr. Mark Jewell is one of the first US plastic surgeons to offer the new Allergan Natrelle Inspira gel-filled breast implant for both primary breast augmentation, reconstruction, and maintenance surgery for women who have undergone a breast augmentation. He has experience with the Inspira when teaching cosmetic breast surgery as an international travelling professor, long before it was approved in the US.

According to Dr.Jewell, there are literally millions of women who have aging gel and saline breast implants, placed years ago. Most women have found tremendous benefit in their outcomes from breast augmentation and will someday need more surgery to maintain their results. The idea of maintenance surgery deserves mention, as patients might want to consider this option before their existing implants fail and surgery becomes more complex.

The Allergan Natrelle Inspira is a new implant that’s an excellent fit with existing implants. It has a nice softness and some more upper breast fullness, according to patients. It feels more like breast tissue, than a saline-filled implant with its customary rippling. This implant also gives patients the option of going a bit smaller or larger and still having a nice fit in their implant.

Patients who have the need for revision of the existing breast augmentation also can benefit from the Allergan Natrelle Inspira and possibly the use of Allergan’s Seri Surgical Scaffold that is used to reinforce the soft tissues of the breast. According to Dr. Jewell, the addition of soft tissue support with Seri Surgical Scaffold is useful to break the all too often problem of failed reoperation surgery.

The Allergan Natrelle Inspira and surgery to maintain a woman’s breast augmentation outcome makes a nice combination, according to Dr. Mark Jewell

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