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Breast Implant Revision

Women who already have breast implants may require surgery to maintain their outcomes by removing or exchanging implants as time and conditions demand. In Eugene, Oregon, Dr. Mark Jewell offers all forms of breast revision surgery. Please call and set up an appointment to further discuss your individual needs. It is most helpful in determining how best to proceed when a patient has her personal history of breast surgery, implant information, and imaging studies in hand at her consultation.

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Individual results may vary.

What if I do not have access to the records from my previous surgery?

It is always better if you have access to your medical records concerning your surgery and implants to bring it with you to your consultation. However, if no records are available, it is important to think through and write down your medical history as it relates to previous surgery or surgeries and bring it to your consultation with Dr. Jewell. He will take measurements at the time of your exam that will give him data that he can use for the assessment and planning stages. If you have had mammogram or ultra sound imaging that will be a helpful tool as well.

Can I change the size of my implant?

A size change can often be accomplished when considering implant revisionary surgery. Sizing can be reduced or enhanced depending upon what is best for your particular needs. Implants can be removed or replaced with newer available models.

Will I have excess skin if my implants are removed?

Skin can be stretched with an insertion of an implant device. Women who have had weight gain / loss, pregnancies and breast fed children have looser envelopes of breast skin. When an implant is removed there may be a redundancy of skin. Depending upon age and genetics some gals will have a certain retractability of their skin. Women who have saline breast implants may have the option of a slow deflation to allow the skin to naturally retract prior to having revisionary surgery.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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