Celebrating BRAve Faces 2016 for Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day – Carolyn Cole

I had no illusion that my breast cancer diagnosis demanded anything less than the most current research and the best medical providers. Fortunately, I have numerous contacts in the medical community and they unanimously recommended Dr’s. Kollmorgen and Jewell as the best possible surgeons to have on my medical team. While seeking a second opinion from a leading cancer center they confirmed that I had the correct treatment plan and excellent surgeons with the added caveat that Dr. Jewell trains their plastic surgeons in the procedures I would need.

At my first meeting with Dr. Jewell and his staff I was impressed with the high degree of professionalism, compassion and genuine commitment they had to my full recovery. That impression has only strengthened over the past year as I have achieved full recovery with incredible and caring support from Dr. Jewell and his staff. Dr. Jewell is a gifted surgeon who truly cares that his patients regain their health and self-image.

Carolyn Cole

October 27,2016

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