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mommy makeover oregonWe all want to look and feel our best. As a result, people go to great lengths to make sure they treat their bodies right. The right diet and exercise program can help us to achieve our body aesthetic goals, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. For women, one of the biggest factors that can contribute to a significant body change is pregnancy.

Having a child can be one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. Unfortunately, child birth can also change a woman’s body permanently. Getting back to a pre-pregnancy body can be a challenge. As a result many women are considering plastic surgery to help get them over that hurdle.

According to a new survey performed by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 62% of women would consider plastic surgery to help return their bodies to their pre-baby state. More than 325,000 “Mommy Make-over” procedures have been performed and the number continues to grow. With plastic surgery techniques improving daily, and cosmetic surgery safer than it has ever been, the “Mommy Make-Over” is a procedure that is here to stay.

What exactly is a “Mommy Make-Over”?

In actuality, this is not a new procedure but a combination of procedures designed to target the areas most commonly affected by pregnancy. As with most cosmetic procedures, the exact nature depends on the individual, but some of the common components of a “Mommy Make-Over” are:

  • BODY CONTOURING: Post pregnancy weight can be tough to lose. Many women find themselves stuck at the last five to ten pounds. Thankfully, there are body contouring options like traditional liposuction and the newer, non-surgical procedures. Both of these options can help get women over that final hurdle and give their midsections the shape they once had.
  • BREAST LIFT/AUGMENTATION: The growth and shrinkage of breast milk coming in and fading out can leave breast tissue stretched and ultimately change the shape of a woman’s breasts. To help get back to a figure that was present prior to pregnancy, a breast lift (often paired with a breast augmentation for fullness) can restore the breasts to their pre-baby state.
  • TUMMY TUCK: In addition to stubborn weight that may be present in the mid-section after a pregnancy, the tummy can experience a loss of elasticity. Removing the excess skin that has stretched out as a result of the weight gain can help reshape a woman’s body.

Again, not every woman requires all of these procedures. Everyone’s plan is based on their individual needs, but all these techniques that target pregnancy specific issues have become known as the “Mommy Make-Over”.

If you are one of the 62% of women who would consider plastic surgery to help get your pre-motherhood body back then now is the time to contact Dr. Mark Jewell.
As a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands that beauty is something that requires work and regular maintenance, he is a surgeon that you can trust with both the science and the art of cosmetic surgery.

To find out more about a “Mommy Make-Over” procedure and the variety of other services offered by Dr. Jewell visit us today – schedule a consultation!

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