The Lifestyle Lift and Legal Actions

facial rejuventationLifestyle Lift is a commercial organization that offers facial rejuvenation surgery throughout the US. They have a very active program of promoting their services, including the use of nationally-recognized spokespersons and patient testimonials. Formerly, they have described their approach as “revolutionary”.

There have been two events of legal interest involving Lifestyle Lift. The first one involved the state of New York fining Lifestyle Lift $300,000 for using its employees to post fake favorable reviews of Lifestyle Lift on the internet. This practice is known as “astroturfing”. The second one involved the Attorney General of the State of Florida investigation of claims and fairness of Lifestyle Lift marketing claims of this being a “revolutionary procedure”. Lifestyle Lift is required to now offer refunds to consumers who were not satisfied with their outcomes.

Facial rejuvenation is a topic of great interest to many individuals who seek to look younger and improve the effects of sun and gravity in the facial area. According to Dr. Jewell, there exist many options for patients, from medical skin care, injectables, minimally-invasive surgery, and more extensive surgery, according to patient needs. The combination of services offered by Dr. Jewell in his clinic is designed to produce great outcomes for patients interested in facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Jewell offers patients solutions designed to improve the neck line, jowls, loss of facial volume, sagging brows or eyelids. As one might expect, each patient requires an individualized approach and there is no simple solution. There are many different approaches to be considered, from the short scar facelift, to the MACS lift that Dr. Jewell has extensive experience, to the use of tissue fillers to restore facial volume loss, based on Dr. Jewell’s research.

Patients seeking facial rejuvenation deserve to have all of the options explained to them and make their own personal decision with Dr. Jewell and his staff. The importance of a long-term relationship with one’s plastic surgeon and their clinic is essential for a great outcome and lasting result in facial rejuvenation.

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