“Surgical Perfection at its best Dr. Mark Jewell visits Stille Surgical Instruments in Sweden”

Many years ago, when Dr. Mark Jewell was a medical student, a wise senior general surgeon gave him some sage advice about what surgical instruments to use. He told about a company in Sweden who had been making the finest surgical instruments by hand since the mid 1800’s. Dr. Jewell took this advice to  heart and has been a career-long user of these exquisite Swedish surgical instruments.

Dr. Mark Jewell was in Stockholm, Sweden and had the opportunity to visit Stille, the storied surgical instrument maker that he uses every day in his plastic surgery practice. This visit was something that Dr. Jewell had wanted for many years to accomplish, as he has an interest in observing how Swedish craftsmen make the world’s finest surgical instruments.



Stille was founded approximately 175 years ago when a surgical instrument maker, Albert Stille was working at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Stille made surgical instruments by hand for the institute and subsequently made this a commercial enterprise. Stille surgical instruments are used by surgeons throughout the world. They have a distinctive feel and function that makes them better than ordinary mass-produced surgical instruments. Stille instruments typically last for many years and are refurbished at the Stille factory to maintain function.


Dr. Mark Jewell is one of ten surgeons in the world who was selected by Stille to be a Stille Ambassador. This unique honor is bestowed on elite surgeons who utilize Stille surgical instruments to provide best-in-class outcomes for their patients. His profile is found on the Stille website: http://www.stille.se/ambassadors/    &  http://www.stille.se/files/ambassadors/Stille_Ambassador_Jewell.pdf

Dr. Jewell throughout his career as a plastic surgeon has utilized Stille surgical instruments because he has found that they help him provide the best outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Jewell adds, “My visit to the Stille factory was very informative because it allowed me to watch the craftsmen making the best surgical instruments in the world and to understand what makes a Stille instrument so special for my patients”.

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