Plastic Surgery Is More than Just Aesthetics

cosmetic surgeryPlastic surgery has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent decades, from women in Asia using cosmetic treatments to enlarge their eyes, to those in California opting for a nose job and a slim waistline. Although many people judge plastic surgery as an opportunity to be vain and enhance one’s personal appearance, many more life-changing benefits exist that invite both professional and personal opportunities.

Although it is easy to ignore the fact that looks can get you much farther in life, statistics prove that the concept is true on a worldwide scale. Women who are physically attractive in the work setting are much more likely to be promoted or get paid a higher salary, making as much as $140,000 more in a lifetime than an average or unattractive employee. Sadly, these good-looking individuals often earn three to four percent more than unattractive individuals. Not only do looks enhance one’s overall appearance but it can also increase an individual’s confidence, allowing his or her personality to make others feel at ease. Similarly, attractiveness can lead others to trust the attractive individual at a higher rate than they would an unattractive person.

During job interviews, attractive individuals have also been proven to be asked fewer questions than other applicants coming in for the same position. Through various studies, it has been proven that beautiful people are overall more successful by getting hired at a quicker rate and receiving more opportunities for upward mobility. Attractive employees are seen as people who can bring in a larger amount of money for companies, even selling products or services at a higher rate. Yahoo’s President and CEO, Marissa Mayer, was recently complimented by a shareholder that she was attractive at a meeting, making it clear that her looks may have contributed to some extent to her successful career.

Beyond the benefits of aesthetics, attractive men and women who have undergone plastic surgery have more opportunities with whom they want to date or marry. They have more freedom to choose spouses with better careers, making life ultimately easier and more fulfilling.

Although the tendencies involving beautiful people are unfair, those with a flattering appearance receive far more benefits in everyday life, between better treatment from strangers or higher discounts as a customer when they purchase goods or services.

The ways of the world are unfortunate at times, but for some people, the only way to succeed is to enhance their image to follow their dreams and fulfill their goals to prove their abilities and talent. Plastic surgery is becoming more of a consideration for both men and women to open more doors in their personal and professional life to obtain a higher rate of happiness and success.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a plastic surgery procedure, Dr, Jewell is here to help you to achieve your goals and assist you in further enhancing your life.

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