Misconceptions Regarding Plastic Surgery

best plastic surgeonWhen it comes to plastic surgery, everyone seems to have an opinion they think of as superior. As the increase in cosmetic procedures continues to grow, more and more people have a stance either in support of, or against plastic surgery and the results. At no point in history has the plastic surgery industry been on the lips of more people than it is today.

With so many people outside of the industry talking, there is a large amount of misinformation being circulated. People are claiming factual information about the cosmetic surgery industry without any first-hand knowledge. It is quite possible that the plastic surgery industry has more myths associated with it than any other industry. In an effort to educate the people considering a cosmetic procedure and to clarify information, we have brought together a list of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery:

  • ALL PLASTIC SURGEONS ARE CREATED EQUAL: Because the plastic surgery industry is a huge business, there are many “surgeons” who will claim expertise in particular areas and show pictures of seemingly amazing results. As with any advertising, it can be mostly grand claims and a “smoke and mirror” show. The only sure-fire way to determine the quality of a plastic surgeon is find out if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the leading certification board in regards to plastic surgery in the country. Doctors must undergo rigorous training and testing to achieve this level of certification. A doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery has proven themselves proficient to the top professionals in the field. This can be a good starting point to helping you find the cosmetic plastic surgeon for you.
  • PLASTIC SURGERY IS ONLY FOR THE RICH: This is probably one of the most common misconceptions associated with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a lifestyle choice. While generally people don’t use pocket money for some procedures, most can afford cosmetic surgery with some planning and budgeting. There are many “big” purchases we all save up to make that will make us happy. A cosmetic procedure is no different.
  • PLASTIC SURGERY IS UNSAFE: This myth is completely untrue. In actuality, because board-certified plastic surgeons have to go through so much training and testing to become certified, often times these procedures are safer than more traditional surgeries. Everyone has heard horror stories of cosmetic surgery nightmares, but these are often the results of unqualified or un-certified people using unsafe practices. This is why it is so important to choose the right board-certified plastic surgeon for your care. Also, because the industry is under such a watchful eye, doctors are constantly researching newer and safer techniques to improve on the industry.
  • PLASTIC SURGERY IS FOR VAIN PEOPLE: Again, this is very untrue. There are many men and women who seek out plastic surgery to feel better about themselves. Feeling like we stand out for the wrong reasons can make people self-conscious and cause them to be less out going. Correcting protruding ears, reshaping one’s nose, or tightening up a mother’s tummy so she can wear a bikini again can make people feel good about one’s self. That is what plastic surgery is all about: helping people!

Plastic surgery is a personal choice for everyone. Whether a person is for or against cosmetic plastic surgery is up to them, but having the right information to make that decision is important. For those people who find their lives fuller and happier as a result of plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments are worth it. Regardless of an individual’s stance on surgery in relation to themselves, that should be all that counts.

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