Feel Younger and Live Longer

shutterstock_166528727Medical science is able to quantify that individuals who feel younger have a tendency to actually live longer.  Genetics, diet, exercise, lifestyle and character all contribute to energized longevity.  Contrary to the stereotype of later life as a time loneliness, depression and decline, a growing body of scientific research shows that, in many ways, life gets better as we get older.  The better care we take of ourselves as we age is what is so important.

“The best Armor of Old Age is a well spent life preceding it.  He who labors to improve himself from his Youth will in Age reap the happiest fruits.”  Cicero

What we can actually do to promote longevity is to eat well, keep our weight down, exercise, stay mentally alert and like what you see in the mirror each day.  Jewell Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa are experts in assisting patients to feel younger.  Dr. Jewell’s outer-beauty expertise runs deep.  In addition to his amazing skills, his nurses, therapist and aesthetician daily consult with our patients on healthy topics about exercise, nutrition, skin care and the psychology of good mental health.


Agenda for 2015

This next year we will provide blogs on health related subjects that are important to make us smarter on subjects regarding our health.  Our holiday gift for you is a terrific blog about the ‘healthy, happiest fruit of the Holiday Season’.

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