Are You a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

fat graftingFat transfer is becoming more popular with those who want to change the shape of their body. Dr. Jewell is happy to offer this procedure, which involves grafting fat onto areas where more volume is desired. Many may wonder whether they qualify to have this procedure performed, so here is a look at what makes someone a good candidate for fat transfer.

What is fat transfer?

The permanence and safety of fat as a filler makes it ideal for use in a number of procedures. Patients who have had a fat transfer appreciate its use in sculpting the buttocks, breasts and thighs. However, fat transfer can also be used to restore youthfulness to the face and eliminate signs of scarring or depressions caused by past liposuction. It is also useful in correcting contour defects after breast lumpectomy/radiation therapy. During the procedure, Dr. Jewell takes fat from one location on the body, washes and purifies it, then transfers it to the desired area(s) during one or a series of sessions.

Who are the best candidates for fat transfer?

Individuals who want to augment or fill specific parts of their body are likely to be interested in fat transfer. The areas most commonly filled during fat transfer surgery are the face and lips, hands, and depressions caused by liposuction. Patients with asymmetric or small breasts or other irregularities due to birth defects or past reconstruction can also benefit from this procedure. Because Dr. Jewell takes fat out of one area and puts it into another, patients can improve their overall physique through fat grafting alone.

To be a good candidate for fat transfer, prospective patients should meet a few criteria. First, patients should be in good health before undergoing the procedure. It’s also important for patients to inform Dr. Jewell of any history of abnormal bleeding or smoking beforehand. There must be sufficient fat present, and treatment goals must be realistic for the individual’s physique. Ultimately, Dr. Jewell will determine whether patients are good candidates for fat transfer based on their treatment goals and his wealth of expertise. To better ensure that plastic surgery can fulfill a patient’s expectations, the patient should remain open to the possibility of other procedures in case fat transfer is not possible. Often times, the fat transfer can be accomplished under local anesthesia in Dr. Jewell’s accredited office surgical facility, located in Eugene, Oregon.

It is important for patients who are considering fat transfer to understand that more than one session of fat transfer may be required in order to achieve full correction of contour because not all of the fat will take. Additionally, fat transfer is not interchangeable with breast implants because the expectation of patients for size enhancement and breast reshaping cannot be accomplished with fat transfer alone.

Fat transfer is a versatile procedure that can sculpt many areas of the body. Whether patients want to avoid the risks of conventional breast implants or fix failed reconstructive surgeries, fat transfer can be a superior option. To learn more about fat transfer, patients should speak with Dr. Jewell.

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