Dr. Jewell is featured in the Winter/Spring 2019 issue of New Beauty Magazine segment about body contouring procedures and patient safety

Last fall, Dr. Jewell was interviewed by New Beauty’s writer Jolene Edgar for an article on body contouring surgery and patient safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. He had a lot to say about this procedure with regards to its risks and unknown long-term outcomes. This is a procedure that is sought after by women, yet has the highest reported fatality incidence of any cosmetic surgery ever reported, approximately one death per three thousand cases from fat embolus that become trapped in the lungs.

While the concept of re-purposing fat removed during liposuction to enhance contours of the butt region sounds appealing, he believes that until safer techniques to avoid the risk of fat embolus are developed, patients should consider the element of risk and serious injury, including death.

Dr. Jewell also commented on other types of buttock contouring procedures that involve synthetic fillers and silicone implants.

Dr. Jewell has been involved in body contour for almost 35 years. He developed the VASER ultrasonic liposuction device and is the co-editor of the current text book on body contouring surgery entitled Body Contouring and Liposuction (Elsevier). He offers all types of body contouring procedures, including non-invasive and surgery.


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