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Brow lift surgery at our Eugene, Oregon, practice offers patients the ability to reshape the drooping found on the outside region of the eyebrow and to slightly elevate the inner eyebrow portion. While many patients are satisfied with the use of neurotoxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® to control wrinkles and frowning of the inner brow, others seek a brow lift surgery to elevate the outside brow region. When the eyes are droopy and eyebrows are lower than the orbital rim a blepharoplasty alone will not render the best outcome to open the eyes. Dr. Mark Jewell can accomplish this with either endoscopic brow surgery or a lateral brow lift that has incisions hidden inconspicuously in the temple region. Typically this is seen more in men than woman.

Am I a good candidate for a forehead lift?

Neurotoxins can work well for women, who have wrinkles on the forehead and frown lines between the eyes, but what makes a person a good candidate for the brow lift procedure is when the eyebrows have sagged below the orbital rim and an upper blepharoplasty alone will not open the aperture of the eye adequately.

How does Dr. Jewell evaluate me for a brow lift?

Dr. Jewell will closely evaluate your entire forehead and upper eyelid region, noting the muscle activity as you perform various facial expressions. He will examine the position of the eyebrows, amount of excess upper eyelid skin and height of your hairline. The technique Dr. Jewell performs is an endoscopic brow lift or a lateral brow lift.

How is an endoscopic brow lift surgery performed?

This technique uses a small pencil-sized video camera connected to a television monitor. The endoscope is inserted into several small, one-half inch incisions placed behind the hairline providing Dr. Jewell with a clear view of the muscles and tissues under the forehead. With this technique, it is possible to release the sagging forehead tissues and elevate them. Dr. Jewell uses temporary forehead fixation devices called Endotines®, an absorbable-type of suspension. Lateral brow lifts involve incisions in the temple region with lateral suspension of the brows. Both procedures may be performed as stand-alone surgery or in conjunction with a facelift.


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