Mark Jewell, M.D. named to Silk Therapeutics Advisory Board. | Mark Jewell, M.D.

Mark Jewell, M.D. named to Silk Therapeutics Advisory Board.

Updated January 22, 2015

dr.jewell-thumbMark Jewell, M.D. of Eugene, OR was named to membership in Silk Therapeutics Advisory Board, January, 2015. Silk Therapeutics ( ) is based in Medford, MA and offers a broad range of cosmecutical products that utilize solubilized silk proteins. This unique approach to skin care products combines the natural moisturizer and barrier effect of the silk with vitamin C antioxidants.

This is the first time that solubilized silk proteins have been used as a cosmecutical product. Dr. Jewell has worked with the company’s founders, Greg Altman, PhD and Beck Horan, PhD., who developed Seri Surgical Scaffold ®, a FDA-approved, implantable silk-based mesh used for soft tissue support.

This latest development in silk technology originated from research performed under the direction of David Kaplan, PhD-chairman of biomedical engineering, Tufts University, MA. Seri Surgical Scaffold® was a finalist in the 2014 Prix Galien competition for landmark achievement by a new medical device.

Dr. Jewell is honored to be named an advisor to Silk Therapeutics along with other esteemed colleagues.


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