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Week 2 with our Liposonix Patient Karyn

Updated June 6, 2012


Interview by Mary Jewell

Q.  Hi Karyn

How was your first week after the Liposonix treatment?

A.  I feel great.  The first day after the treatment I felt like I had worked out at the gym, but I didn’t have any pain.

Q.  How did your week of improvement go?  You were working on eating three meals right?

A.  Yes, this last week I ate a lot more fruits and salads.  I even have a juicer and drank 32 oz of fresh juice a day to help flush my system.

Q.  What are you working on this week?

A.  I called the Jewell Surgical Center and discussed what else I could be doing to attain maximum results.  I was told that the Acai berry is a wonderful addition to the water I am drinking.  The Acai berry aids in digestion and isn’t harmful to the lungs or liver.  The staff at the Jewell Center is knowledgeable beyond just cosmetic surgery.  They know about nutrition and physical therapy and are always able to answer any question I ask.  It seems to me they are always doing research about all things health related.  That makes me feel confident that I am in expert hands.

Q.  Will you give us a hint about what you are thinking about for next week?

A.  I am going to call the Jewell Surgical Center and have a lengthy conversation about nutrition.  I think the key to having Liposonix is to create new habits so I don’t fall back into poor eating.  I’ve heard it said that you need to do something 45 times before it becomes a habit, with my 12 weeks that gives me 60 days of self- improvement.  I am ready for healthy new habits.

Q.  Thank you Karyn.  It’s been a pleasure.

A.  Thank you.

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