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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction Sooner Than Later

Updated October 9, 2013 -->

Breast reconstruction can help to restore a woman’s physical and psychological well-being after mastectomy surgery to treat breast cancer. Reconstruction requires a number of different steps for rebuilding the form of the breast. Having breast reconstruction immediately after treatment can often provide better outcomes for women and a faster return to a normal life. Dr. … Read more

Dr. Jewell Invited to Present Study Data at ORBS Meeting

Updated October 4, 2013 -->

Dr. Jewell was invited to present outcome data from a scientific study of two-stage breast reconstruction that used Seri Scaffold®, a bio-engineered textile for reinforcement of the lower breast region. This was a first time presentation of the 12-month outcome data in a FDA-approved, multi-center breast reconstruction protocol. According to Dr. Jewell, Seri Scaffold … Read more