Shaped Cohesive Gel Implants For Breast Augmentation Research Shared By Mark Jewell M.D. | Mark Jewell, M.D.

Shaped Cohesive Gel Implants For Breast Augmentation Research Shared By Mark Jewell M.D.

Updated June 6, 2014

photo 3Dr. Mark Jewell is currently in Korea as an international guest professor lecturing and providing instruction for Asiatic plastic surgeons in the use of shaped cohesive gel implants for breast augmentation and reconstruction. He is currently delivering a hands-on experience at the Catholic University of Seoul, Korea to a select group of surgeons representing Korea, Japan and China.  Dr. Jewell’s thirteen years of research and experience with the Allergan 410 implants and Mentor CPG implants offers these surgeons an immense advantage of understanding how best to use these devices to get outstanding surgical outcomes for their patients.

Research shows that utilizing precise surgical techniques and focusing on a process of analysis, patient education and safety, these implants have superior results compared to previous scientific data reported of other implants.  Although these shaped implants are not engineered for everyone; for those who fit the criteria, they do provide the most natural outcomes.  Dr. Jewell has over 660 patients in his cohort of research that he has been studying for the past thirteen years.  These women have had fewer complications following breast implant surgery, such as capsular contracture or infections; and their re-operative rates are also less.  The shaped cohesive gel implants have a 95% satisfaction rate over a ten year follow-up period.

photo 2Dr. Jewell has participated in the education of plastic surgeons for many years not only as an Associate Professor at OHSU or as a traveling professor for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) or the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) but through the Allergan Academies.  He contributes his time and expertise to continuing medical education.  His sixteen years of providing research for the FDA on devices and drugs allows him a critical understanding of the importance of research and development of superior medical products

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