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LipoAbdominoplasty The New “Tummy Tuck”

Updated August 1, 2014

Body contouring surgery has been an integral part of Dr. Mark Jewell’s Eugene, Oregon, practice for many years. One of the more interesting procedures in this area is the lipoabdominoplasty which is the combination of an abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) and liposuction. This combination was developed by some of Dr. Jewell’s Brazilian colleagues in order to improve the aesthetics of the entire abdominal area and waist. Dr. Jewell was one of the first plastic surgeons in North America to introduce this ..read more

Introductory offer

Updated August 9, 2012

Introductory offer 40 % off on Liposonix, body contouring for abdomen and flanks. Free Screening with ultrasound to determine if Liposonix is appropriate for you. You need to be 30 BMI or less and have good skin tone to be a good candidate. Offer good through August 31st. Call 541-683-3234 to see if Liposonix is right for you!

Is Liposuction for Men?

Updated April 25, 2012

Summer will soon be upon us, and women aren’t the only ones who want to look good in a swimsuit. In 2010, more than one million men underwent cosmetic procedures, with liposuction being the third most popular procedure. This isn’t surprising given that fat deposits and cellulite can plague men as well as women.

Dr. Jewell is a leader in body contouring as one of the co-developers of Vaser® ultrasonic lipoplasty. Vaser Lipoplasty can be used to selectively target fat ..read more

The Benefits of HydraFacials

Updated April 3, 2012

April is the month of fresh beginnings and Dr. Jewell wants you to feel renewed and ready for summer by offering 10% off all HydraFacials. Compared to other procedures, HydraFacial uses a non-laser technique with serums and a vacuum wand to gently exfoliate your skin. The key to effective skin care is to stimulate, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin. HydraFacial does all three with one treatment. Instead of having to do microdermabrassion, a deep hydrating mask, and ..read more

A Revolutionary Way to Destroy Fat

Updated March 7, 2012

Get one size smaller in one treatment that takes one hour! Dr. Mark L. Jewell, one of the world leaders in plastic surgery, is the primary investigator and proud to be one of the first plastic surgeons in the nation to offer Liposonix® – a new way to reduce fat without surgery. Using ultrasound technology, Liposonix permanently destroys unwanted fat around your waistline and flanks. The treatment can be completed in just one visit to our Eugene, Oregon, office that ..read more

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