Breast Augmentation Surgery-Zero Infections with 35 Years of Data | Mark Jewell, M.D.

Breast Augmentation Surgery-Zero Infections with 35 Years of Data

Updated September 12, 2014

August 1, 2014 marked the 35th year of Mark Jewell, M.D’s. clinical practice in Eugene, Oregon. He achieved a significant accomplishment with regards to a zero incidence of infection following a primary breast augmentation surgery in the last 35 years of his practice.

Woman wearing Seri Scaffold after breast reconstructionThis data is corroborated by other FDA-approved, Institutional Review Board oversight studies that Dr. Jewell has been involved with over the last 22 years. A peer-reviewed scientific study written by Dr. Jewell that was published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal: January 2010, also documented zero incidence of infections following primary breast augmentation with the anatomically-shaped, highly-cohesive Allergan 410 and Mentor CPG implants in 237 women. The average follow up for the Allergan cohort was 42.5 months (range = 20 to 97 months) and 51.8 months for the Mentor CPG cohort (range = 16 to 77 months). There were also no late-term infections reported.

An infection following the implantation of a prosthetic device, whether orthopedic total joints or a breast implant is a devastating surgical complication. Dr. Jewell and his staff have employed specific precautionary steps and processes to reduce the incidence of post-operative infections.

Dr. Jewell has an AAAASF-Accredited Office Surgical Facility within his clinic where he10 copy performs approximately 98% of his augmentation procedures. The use of quality improvement processes has been essential in improving safety, quality, and patient satisfaction, according to Dr. Jewell. This equates to operational excellence in performing breast augmentation.

Through his approach, primary breast augmentation has evolved into a highly-refined, differentiated procedure in which all steps are inter-connected to produce best-in-class outcomes. If you are interested in this approach for elective cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. Jewell’s office to arrange a consultation.

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