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BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Updated October 24, 2014

BRAve Face

IMG_2592 (800x533)Six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy, followed by chemo and radiation. I ended up with an inverted nipple that needed to be reconstructed. I had reconstructive surgery with a different local surgeon who implanted a breast implant and did a flap to fix my nipple. After surgery my nipple was still inverted (which was not easy or pleasant to keep clean), my implant felt hard as a rock (I hated even hugging anyone) and I lived with pain for five years.

I decided to get a second opinion, I chose to go see Dr. Jewell because I had a few friends and relatives who went to him. When we spoke at the consultation, he gave me confidence that he could make my situation better. He was honest from the start and told me that they would never look the same but he could make it look a lot better, so I went with my gut instinct and decided to remove the implant and do a fat graft. This is where Dr. Jewell was amazing.

Dr. Jewell removed fat from my stomach and placed it into my breast with the success of a nipple flap. I know I have at least one more surgery before I get to the same size I was before but I am very happy with the results and would recommend Dr. Jewell to anyone.

Thank you so much Dr. Jewell you are amazing.

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