What’s New and Exciting in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine?

MACS Lift ASAPS 2014Dr. Mark Jewell has just returned from the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that was held in San Francisco, CA in April 2014. This meeting is the largest one of its type and involves plastic surgeons from all over the world. Many new products and concepts were presented. Dr. Jewell has been involved in this society for years, as he is the Past President of ASAPS.

Dr. Jewell along with other colleagues taught an innovative course on newer techniques in facial rejuvenation that use a new approach to elevate sagging facial structures with suspension sutures. One of the other professors Glen Jelks, M.D. demonstrated the latest approach in cosmetic blepharoplasty. Jerry Lamb, M.D. and Dr. Jelks have developed new ways to rejuvenate the lower eyelids with precisely-placed micro fat grafts.

Other courses taught by Dr. Jewell involved applications of the newest form of soft tissue reinforcement that is called Seri Surgical Scaffold, a silk-based, bio-engineered textile that is implanted for soft tissue reinforcement during cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Jewell’s colleague, Brad Bengtson, M.D. also taught this course, and they shared their combined experiences. Seri Surgical Scaffold is the first of its type for a way to reinforce the body’s own soft tissue with a slowly-reabsorbing biologic textile.

Besides facial rejuvenation surgery, there was a great interest in ways to increase facial volume either with fat grafting or synthetic filler, such as Allergan’s newest, Voluma XC. These approaches offer patients options of a “liquid facelift” that will fill in some of the facial areas where volume has become missing. Dr. Jewell has extensive experience with liquid facelifts from being a principal investigator in scientific studies for facial volumization with synthetic tissue fillers.

The recently-approved highly-cohesive, form-stable breast implants used for breast augmentation were discussed at this year’s meeting. Their outcome data demonstrates a clear advantage over the round-shaped implants in terms of a lower incidence of complications. While this is new to many surgeons, Dr. Jewell has been using these devices for the last 13 years. He has a wealth of experience in how these implants can produce a full, yet natural outcome that is customized for each patient.

The ASAPS meeting was an excellent venue for the exchange of information about the art and science of aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Jewell continues to be an integral part of how to develop the newest and most effective procedures in venues like this one.

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