What are you doing to help prepare your skin for summer?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month


Don’t be fooled by inferior products that claim to block harmful UVB and UVA rays.  If you purchase your sunscreen at a department or drug store you could be harming your skin.  We all want healthy skin that looks and feels refreshed without sunspots.  Jewell District Medical Spa offers you a sunscreen that physically blocks the sun’s dangerous rays.  Obaji sunscreen has active ingredients to help protect you from damaging your skin’s pigment.

Now, we all have been to the beach and have seen the unsightly white zinc noses.  But, we guarantee you won’t be embarrassed by the white stripe. This is a sunscreen that combines high UVB absorption and dynamic UVA blockage in an elegant, matte finish with 10.5% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate, non-whitening, PABA-free, and fragrance-free for all skin types.

Obaji Sunscreen has won several awards:

Best Sunscreen for Face: NewBeauty Magazine.

Self Magazine Healthy Beauty Award Winner

Beauty Choice Award Winner: Best skin-care system sold at a doctor’s office

5 quick tips for a safe summer:

 1.  Be vigilant about sunscreen—wearing a sunblocker not just a sunscreen will protect you further.  Letting the experts at Jewell District Medical Spa help you choose the system that is correct for your skin type.

2.  Just say No to tanning beds—if you are going on vacation, wedding or to a reunion choose instead to have a spray on tan.  Technology has improved ten-fold over the last two decades.  You will not look orange.

3.  Don’t be fooled by age or gender—just because you are younger doesn’t mean you don’t need to be protected.  The younger you start taking take of your skin the healthier it will be.  Males this means you too.  Sometimes you think ‘this will never happen to me.’  But, Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in men.

4.  Check moles regularly—melanoma can be found anywhere on your body, even the soles of your feet.  If you have an irregular mole please have it looked at immediately.  The earlier the detection the better the results.

5.  Wear sunglasses—if you love being outdoors always remember to wear eye protection from the harsh rays.

Let Dr. Jewell and his caring staff guide you in choosing the safest products for your health and skin.  Call our office today and set up an appointment to talk with our skin care specialist.  541-683-8610

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