Seri Surgical Scaffold Receives Nomination for Prix Galien

The Prix Galien Awards, is considered the industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the highest accolade for biomedical research and innovation. Each year the Prix Galien Awards Committee, selects among many candidates the best products competing in three categories – Best Pharmaceutical Agent, Best Biotechnology Product and Best Medical Technology approved by the FDA in the past five years.

Seri Surgial Scaffold has been nominated for the Prix Galien award. Seri Surgical Scaffold is a unique silk-derived biologic textile that is FDA-approved for soft tissue reinforcement. It has special characteristics of allowing the body to generate its own repair tissues and eventually is absorbed. Seri has been used in FDA-approved studies on breast reconstruction for the last three years. Other investigators in Europe have used it in direct-to-implant breast reconstruction studies.

experienceDr. Mark Jewell has been involved with the clinical research studies for Seri Surgical Scaffold, product development, and physician training. He presented the first outcome data from the Sure-001 breast reconstruction study at specialty surgical meetings in North America, United Kingdom, and Italy. He has been involved with innovations of 3-D Seri Surgical Scaffold templates and surgical techniques that incorporate this unique device in all areas of the body. Dr. Jewell along with other colleagues have authored several scientific manuscripts on Seri Surgical Scaffold that have been submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

According to Dr. Jewell, Seri Surgical Scaffold will be very useful in soft tissue repair. This resorbable bioengineered textile has specific attributes over cadaver or pig-sourced acellular dermal matrix.

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