Selecting the Best Location for Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

When patients consider having cosmetic procedures, they often ask about the best venue where they would receive their care. As there are many options, locally in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, it is useful to discuss how decisions are made regarding the best and safest location for each patient. This is based on the anticipated procedure, their personal health history, and amount of surgery/time factor.

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Hospital-based care for self-pay procedures is extremely expensive and out of most individual’s ability to pay, even if it is done at the same time with a procedure that is covered by insurance, such as a hysterectomy and abdominoplasty combination. Hospitals are for sick people and individuals who are undergoing elective cosmetic surgery may not need that type of care. For some individuals with medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, hospital care is necessary to ensure that their personal medical issues do not complicate recovery from elective surgery. Dr. Jewell is on the medical staff at both Sacred Heart RiverBend and McKenzie Willamette hospitals.

Ambulatory surgery centers represent another choice for cosmetic surgery. These facilities are smaller, more convenient, and can provide excellent care at a much lower cost than hospital-based care. Dr. Jewell is on staff at McKenzie Surgery Center. This is an excellent choice for cosmetic procedures that require general anesthesia. Dr. Jewell has used McKenzie Surgery Center for the last 17 years for his elective cosmetic procedures that require general anesthesia.

The third option for cosmetic procedures is office-based surgery in Dr. Jewell’s Surgery Center. For select patients, this is an excellent choice where cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and localized liposuction in Eugene, Oregon can be safely performed in a facility that is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Surgical Facilities ( Dr. Jewell has safely performed cosmetic procedures with sedation and local anesthesia in his surgery center, in addition to hospital and ambulatory surgery center venues, for the last 27 years. The benefit of this approach for healthy patients is a comfortable experience without the need for general anesthesia. High-quality cosmetic surgery and a great patient experience is possible in our office surgery facility due to the focus of Dr. Jewell and his staff on safety, training, and patient comfort.

While each patient’s needs are unique, feel free to discuss your options during a consultation with Dr. Mark Jewell.

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