Reasonable Expectations in Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgeon expectationsWhen it comes to plastic surgery procedures, a person with expectations that are in line with what the procedure offers is more likely to be pleased with the results. People who expect entire transformations from a cosmetic surgery procedure or treatment can feel let down, and they may feel that a successful surgical outcome was disappointing. The key to having reasonable expectations is researching the various procedures one is interested in prior to the consultation, and coming in prepared to discuss his or her options. Many cosmetic procedures are actually designed for each patient, based on their needs, expectations, and measurements.

Preparing for a cosmetic surgery procedure or treatment is a lot like doing homework. To get the best possible information, one should review a variety of sources and start taking notes. Some of the language used may be hard to understand, considering the medical terminology often used in describing plastic surgery procedures. Writing down the things a patient doesn’t understand will give an individual a starting point when having a consultation with Dr. Mark Jewell.

Another part of the research process is to look at the results of the procedures others have experienced. If a breast augmentation is what a patient is looking for, they should review the results of shown on Dr. Jewell’s website. The internet has allowed many surgeons to place photos of their work, for all to see at the click of a button. For some patients, there are a lot of outcomes posted on web pages that do not reflect what your result may be with Dr. Jewell.

Seeing the changes that result from a cosmetic operation can help a patient better adjust their way of thinking, when it comes to the procedure they are considering. Don’t just stop there when it comes to researching an upcoming plastic surgery. Review the procedure from consultation through the recovery process, and make note of the timeline. Different procedures require more time in surgery and more time to recover than others. Dr. Mark Jewell is a well-recognized expert in all forms of cosmetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Most importantly, once you have compiled your notes, work them into a check list of sorts to bring with you to your initial consultation. Get clarity on the terms and references that you do not understand, confirm the surgery and recovery times, and ask to see a doctor’s specific portfolio if you did not see it online. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Mark Jewell, feel free to bring along a friend, spouse, or family member. You will be seen by Dr. Jewell and his staff.

A consultation should be a dialogue. This is a big decision for you, and a doctor should be on the same page with you and the procedure you are considering. By knowing how a procedure works from beginning to end, you and your plastic surgeon can develop the best approach to helping you achieve your body aesthetic goal.

By being informed, you become a bigger part of the plastic surgery team. The work you put into your research now will pay off dividends in the end!

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