Prepare your Body for a Successful Plastic Surgery

best cosmetic surgeonA very important part of having a successful plastic surgery procedure is being prepared. It is imperative that you research ahead of time to understand what the procedure entails, as well as what you can expect from the final results. Gathering information from the internet or from friends and family with similar situations, will give you a good starting point prior to your consultation. During your consultation, your doctor will go over and discuss the details that are specific to you and your needs.

While being properly informed is a large part of ensuring the successful results of your cosmetic procedure, it is only the starting point. Prior to having your surgery, you need to prepare your body as well. Taking the time to prepare your body prior to surgery can aid the healing process and prevent issues such as scarring. Dr. Mark Jewell recommends patients begin preparing for surgery a month prior to treatment. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth plastic surgery procedure:

  • WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: 60% of people in the U.S. are considered overweight; people with higher body fat content tend to have more complications and less than optimal results from surgical procedures. This happens because cutting through fatty tissue causes an inflammatory response from the body. The more tissue there is to cut through, the more inflammation there is in response. Cutting back on calories (particularly ones that include saturated fats) can help you trim down, as well as reduce existing inflammation, which in turn will assist in your recovery.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Water naturally helps eliminate toxins from the body, helps oxygenate the blood stream flowing it through your body, and hydrates skin and other tissue. This makes surgery and recovery easier on your body. It also can reduce your chances for infection and scarring. The average person should drink 8-9 cups (at least 64oz) of water per day.
  • QUIT SMOKING: There are multiple health reasons why you should quit smoking; one of the various harmful effects smoking has is it hinder the body’s natural healing process. Smoking also damages your skin; smoking prior to and after a surgery can create problems such as scarring (which is one of the biggest concerns with cosmetic surgery procedures). If for no other reason, quitting smoking will help ensure a smooth cosmetic surgery recovery.
  • EXERCISE: Exercise strengthens your body, helps reduce body fat, and generally increases health. Exercise stimulates the metabolism and increases cell turnover which aids in the body’s healing process. Increasing your overall fitness will help speed recovery from your surgical procedure and has the added side-effect of increasing your overall health.

Making the decision to move forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a life-changing event. Don’t risk undoing the work you and your surgeon put in. Follow these steps provided by Dr. Mark Jewell and you will significantly improve your chances of having an amazing cosmetic surgery experience.

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