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body contouringDiet and exercise are an important part of any healthy lifestyle. While diet and exercise keeps your body healthy, it doesn’t always contribute to the figure you want. Genetics and other factors play into the shape of your figure and sometimes, certain features hold onto weight more emphatically than others.

Plastic surgery can provide people with the added boost they need to achieve their body aesthetic goals when diet and exercise come up short. To get the most from a cosmetic procedure, patients need a plastic surgeon who is an expert in body contouring and who has the eye of an artist. Body contouring is creating an aesthetically pleasing figure with you as the canvas. Body contouring procedures are not something you want to trust to just anyone. These are very individualized procedures, ranging from non-surgical procedures, surgical liposuction, and surgery that combine liposuction and skin tightening (lipoabdominoplasty). Within his clinic, Dr. Jewell offers all types of body contouring procedures. Additionally, for selected patients, it is possible for patients to comfortably undergo VASER liposuction in Dr. Jewell’s accredited office surgical facility without the need for general anesthesia.

Dr. Mark Jewell has long been recognized for his expertise and eye for the aesthetic, when it comes to body contouring procedures. Dr. Jewell and three of his esteemed colleagues published the newest and most definitive book entitled, “Body Contouring and Liposuction”. In the book, Dr. Jewell and his peers share their expertise on the various types of procedures offered to help create the body patients are looking for, the benefits of these procedures, and more. This allows readers to get a more comprehensive understanding of liposuction and body contouring procedures than from any publications before.

Dr. Jewell has many years of experience researching and performing body contouring procedures. He published the first peer-reviewed scientific paper on the VASER, a solid probe, ultrasonic liposuction device that dramatically improved the quality and safety of liposuction. He was also involved in the design and development of the Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel Synergy Hand Piece, an ultrasonically-powered cutting device that is used in body contouring. When choosing a board certified plastic surgeon to consult with, regarding your body aesthetic goals, you would be hard pressed to find a doctor with as much experience and knowledge in body contouring than Dr. Jewell.

Body contouring procedures are an excellent option for patients who have worked hard to achieve the bodies they’ve always wanted, but need extra support in crossing the finish line. Choosing a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Jewell, is the best way to ensure that your cosmetic surgical procedure is safe, effective, and provides the amazing, beautiful results you’ve always dreamed about.

To find out which body contouring procedures are right to help you meet your body aesthetic goals and set you on the path to the body you’ve always known you should have, schedule your consultation with Dr. Jewell today. Your consultation with one of the leading plastic surgeons in the field of body contouring is the first step in achieving your body aesthetic goals.

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