October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Woman with pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness monthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Jewell reminds his patients of the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The remarkable advances in breast cancer care relate to early detection, effective treatment, and good solutions for breast reconstruction.

This disease strikes 1 in 9 women and can be devastating regarding treatment and disfigurement. Fortunately, newer treatments are quite effective and there are countless survivors of breast cancer.

Dr. Jewell is a longtime supporter of Image Reborn Foundation, a Utah-based organization that helps breast cancer patients regain their lives following treatment. This organization has received many awards for its efforts to help women recover from cancer. Image Reborn offers support groups for Spanish-speaking women additionally.

Besides offering support for breast cancer patients to regain their lives, Dr. Jewell has an active practice of breast reconstruction and clinical research to develop new surgical techniques involving the new FDA-approved shaped breast implants that offer a more natural-appearing breast reconstruction. Other areas involve the use of tissue reinforcing materials that provide support of the lower breast region during reconstruction. Some patients who have a very strong family history of breast cancer may be candidates for a prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction that is thought to reduce risk of breast cancer.

Everyone knows someone who has had breast cancer. Take a minute during October to speak with your friends about being aware of breast cancer and to schedule that yearly mammogram.

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