Medical Spa Treatments Make the Perfect Gift

Woman receiving a facial at a medical spa

Medical spas combine the relaxing experience of facials, laser hair removal, and other experiences with non-surgical treatments such as a HydraFacial, chemical peel or filler injections that help to erase the years and give clients a younger and fresher appearance. Gift certificates for medical spa treatments are the perfect gift for anyone with a busy schedule who needs a bit of pampering and self-indulgence in their lives.


A number of different types of facials are available for each person’s needs. A HydraFacial uses special serums and a uniquely designed probe to remove dead skin cells and provide additional nutrients for facial skin cells. The results are dramatic and can give you a younger and smoother appearance without invasive procedures. Dr. Jewell recommends combining a HydraFacial with a chemical peel for the best outcome.

Filler Injections

The gift of facial filler injections allows the recipient to reduce lines and wrinkles and give them a fresher, smoother appearance for the New Year. Restylane, Sculptra and Juvederm are some of the common fillers used for effective smoothing of facial lines and depressions.

Botox Injections

Botulinum-A is a type of toxin that is used to numb facial muscles to reduce the lines and wrinkles that develop because of the constant pulling of these muscles. It is an effective way to reduce these lines and has been used safely by millions.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use a variety of compounds to remove the upper layers of skin to reveal newer tissue below it. Chemical peels can be light, moderate or heavy, depending on the type of skin and the damage being treated. As mentioned above, Dr. Jewell has many patients who choose to combine a chemical peel with a Hydra Facial for optimum results.

Hair Removal

A certificate for hair removal can be the perfect gift for busy women who worry about body or facial hair but don’t have the time for lengthy treatments. Laser hair removal is a quick and effective way to get the smooth look and feel all women desire.


Dermabrasion uses special equipment to abrade the surface of the skin to reveal fresh skin cells below. Dermabrasion can be used to reduce moderate to severe lines and wrinkles in the skin surface.

If you are stumped about finding the perfect gift, ask Dr. Jewell and his staff for recommendations and more information on any of the treatments listed above.

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