Mark Jewell, MD National Kybella Trainer

is one of Allergan’s national trainers for its new Kybella injectable drug that is designed to improve fullness in the neck and jawline region. According to Dr. Jewell, Kybella is the first of its type drug that has FDA approval to treat fullness in this region. Training in its use and how to select the proper patient for these treatments is essential to obtaining great results, according to Dr. Jewell. He was involved in some of the earlier work on this drug that helped investigators rate the amount of fullness in the neck and jawline.

“Typically, a Kybella patient will require two or three injection sessions, spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart,” said Dr. Jewell. These fat-reducing injections are well-tolerated, but patients should plan on some swelling afterwards for a few days. For some patients, including men, Kybella offers a great choice to improve fullness that is genetically determined and resistant to diet or exercise.

For more information on Kybella, please visit Dr. Jewell’s website at

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