Karyn-Our Liposonix Patient


Week 3 & 4 Liposonix patient

By Mary Jewell

Q.  Hi Karyn.  You are now in your third week and how do you feel?  Did you enjoy taking the Acai berry juice?

A.  I loved the advice from the Jewell Center about taking drinking the juice daily.  I will continue with this through out the rest of the 12 weeks.  It flushes my digestive system out and makes me feel healthy.  I feel great.  Drinking the juice plus the water gives me tons of energy.

Q.  What are you working on this week?

A.  I called the Jewell Surgical Center and asked about nutrition.  I was told about the harmful effects sugar and over-processed wheat flour so I am removing sugar and flour from my diet.

Q.  What are you most worried about by removing these from your diet?

A.  I drink coffee every morning and the idea of having to sweeten it with an alternative is scary for me.  But, I am willing to try.  When I spoke with the Jewell center they gave me some suggestions for getting through the week.  Agave syrup and Stevia are safe alternatives to sugar that do not spike the blood sugars in your body.  I am going to try Stevia first.

Q.  By removing processed wheat flour from your diet what are you going to replace it with?

A.  We discussed that also and I was told there are many alternatives to wheat.  Quinoa flour is high in protein and is a great replacement in pasta.  Apparently, it tastes delicious too.  I am looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen.

Q.  Karyn, I know you graduate in a couple of days and then you need to take the GRE test.  Will you talk to me about this journey?

A.  Sure.  I graduate from the University of Oregon on Monday and then four days from then I take the GRE, which is the test I need to pass in order to be accepted into grad school.  It has been very stressful trying to juggle a family and all of the studying that I need to accomplish in order to pass the GRE.  I have really missed going to the gym, especially Zumba class.  I used to go at least three times a week but now I spend 8-10 hours a day studying math.  The gym will be a welcome reprieve from studying.  I never thought I would be so eager to get back, but now that I haven’t had time to go I am looking forward to seeing the treadmill again.

Q.  Congratulations on graduating.  I wish you the best of luck on the GRE.

A.  Thank you Mary.  You and the entire Jewell staff have been so supportive.  Thank you so much!






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