Jewell Plastic Surgery “Under Reconstruction” Bra takes 3rd Place in the Bra’s for a Cure Event.

>Dr. Jewell & his staff have participated in Dandelions Bras for a Cure the past 3 years. This year’s bra theme was “Under Reconstruction” Bras for a Cure is a great event to get our message out to women facing breast cancer to know their options about breast reconstruction at the beginning of their diagnosis and treatment and that reconstruction surgery should be done in conjunction with breast cancer surgery. (Mastectomy or Lumpectomy) When breast reconstruction surgery is combined with mastectomy, patients have more options and oftentimes a better outcome with the reconstruction surgery compared to if reconstruction is done after mastectomy and cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation have been completed.

Our “Under Reconstruction” bra included not only an orange reflective vest, hard hat, & tools but we also included a tissue expander. This was a great educational tool to show women what a tissue expander looks like and how it’s used during reconstruction to “ hold the space” while cancer treatments are completed so that a permanent implant can be placed at a later date. We believe that letting people see what an actual tissue expander looks like would help to remove some of the mystery of how breast reconstruction is done.

Bras for a Cure benefits the Oregon Cancer Foundation in Lane County. The Oregon Cancer foundation has created a fund that helps patients undergoing cancer treatment with assistance of daily needs. For example, it can help pay for gas so patients can get to treatment, help pay utilities or rent, or help with car repairs if this is impairing a patient’s ability to get to treatment. The Oregon Cancer Foundation believes that patients shouldn’t have to choose between paying for their utilities or paying for medications. While they can’t help everyone, in Lane County we are blessed that they are helping where they can and it does make a difference in patients’ lives. Dr. Jewell and his staff support the Oregon Cancer Foundation and their mission and are honored to do so.

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