Interview of a Liposonix Patient

Interview of a Liposonix patient:

By Mary Jewell

Dr. Jewell is committed to excellence in the study of Liposonix.  We wanted you to meet one of our patients that enrolled in the clinical trial of Liposonix.

Q.  Hi Karyn.  Would you mind telling me a little about yourself?

A.  I am forty-one years old, a senior at the University of Oregon and also a mother of three children, aged 16, 15, and 12.

Q.  Why did you want to be a part of the clinical trials?

A.  Even though I would classify myself as active.  I still wasn’t able to get rid of my muffin top.  Sometimes, I would religiously go to the gym, doing hundreds of sit-ups and still not see the results.  I thought getting a jump-start would be a great idea.

Q.  Did you feel any pain during the procedure?

A.  I have a high threshold for pain and I know everyone experiences pain differently but on a scale of 1-10 most of the time I was around a 3 and at the highest a 5.

Q.  Do you have any advice for anyone considering this procedure?

A.  I am a sporadic eater because of how busy I am and I wish I had eaten prior to undergoing this procedure.

Q.  As you know it takes 12 weeks to experience all of the results of Liposonix.  What are you expecting?

A.  I don’t have a particular number in mind when it comes to inches I want to lose but I think it is a really good idea every week to make positive changes in my life.  I am going to think of these next twelve weeks as ways that I can improve.  This first week I am making a conscious effort to eat three nutritious meals every day.  I already avoid most processed foods but I have a tendency to skip breakfast and lunch and then eat a light dinner.

Q.  Thank you Karyn.  I love your idea about taking each week as a way of making improvements in your life.  Good Luck.  I look forward to hearing what changes you are making each week.

A.  Thank you Mary.  Your caring staff is wonderful.  I had a very enjoyable time.  I loved the foot massage and soothing music while participating in Liposonix.

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