Innovation in Plastic Surgery: Tissue Support Technology

abdominoplasty surgeryOne of the biggest concerns going into any surgical procedure is the healing process. A successful surgery is only half of a completed procedure; a healthy recovery and healing is the final step in achieving one’s surgical goals.

The healing process is even more important in the world of plastic surgery because it is more than simply getting a patient on his or her feet again. The healing goals of a treatment such as a breast reconstruction and revision of breast augmentation include the successful mending of tissue while maintaining a natural appearance, minimizing scarring, and ultimately appearing as though it was never operated on to begin with. The field of plastic surgery is one of the leading groups in researching new techniques to improve the process of post-surgical healing. SeriScaffold is one such development.

In February 2009, Serica Technologies Inc. received their 501K from the FDA allowing for their silk mesh products to be used in surgical applications throughout the U.S. SeriScaffold is a knitted, multi-filament, bioengineered silk mesh made from the same silk produced by the silkworm. What SeriScaffold offers to the world of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is a safe, natural product that can strengthen tissue and helps maintain their integrity. Because the bioengineered material is woven together in a crisscrossing or scaffold like pattern, it has proven to be very strong and quite flexible.

One of the biggest uses for SeriScaffold, so far, has been in breast reconstruction and abdominal wall reinforcement. SeriScaffold can be cut and shaped to fit any area. In breast surgery, the existing tissue is enhanced, moved around, or rebuilt. The end goal is a supple, natural looking breast. SeriScaffold provides the additional support the treated tissue needs to heal naturally and stay in place. To date, the results of breast reconstruction or augmentation surgery using SeriScaffold materials have been excellent. The strength of the material coupled with the ease of use during surgery and the flexibility of the product make it a welcome addition to breast surgery.

While SeriScaffold is a fairly new tool in the kit of many plastic surgeons, there are some doctors who have this amazing technology available to use today. Patients often ask for options of tissue support that does not involve material from tissue banks or animal-sourced.

Dr. Mark Jewell is known as being an innovator and clinical investigator in the world of plastic surgery treatments. Recognizing the potential that SeriScaffold has to offer patients, he has brought this amazing, bio support system to his practice after participating as an investigator in a research study of the clinical outcomes of SeriScaffold in breast reconstruction.

To learn more about SeriScaffold and how it may support your upcoming breast reconstruction or abdominoplasty, schedule your consultation today. With innovative plastic surgeons like Dr. Mark Jewell, tomorrow’s treatment technologies are available today!

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