Gummy Bears the New Look of Breast Augmentation

cohesive gel breast implantsOften women want larger breasts, but not every woman wants to look “fake”. The concept behind the new shaped gel implants is to market a youthful, natural look. Dr. Jewell has been involved for the last 13 years with the FDA pivotal studies testing the safety and efficacy of the highly cohesive gel implants, commonly called the “gummy bears”.  When we are asked what is hot and new, it is easy for us to point to the new look in breast enhancement.

These new gummy bear implants are technically excellent.  They passed rigorous test that showed them to be an outstanding medical device.  With the data we have collected in these FDA studies, we can share the gummy bear implants have an outstanding safety profile, low re-operation rate, excellent quality outcomes with long term patient satisfaction.  These 3-Dimensional, anatomically shaped implants can be used in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries because they actually shape the breast and not just fill it.

For many years in the USA, all we had on the market was round implants.  Women got used to the certain “round look” that they thought had a certain “sex appeal”.  The gummy bears were introduced in Europe years ago, and each year more and more women are electing the natural shape and feel of the gummy bears.  When asked why; they responded that the shaped implants look more natural and youthful.  Just last year the FDA approved the newer devices for the US market.  Our statistics indicate patients who have selected the shaped cohesive gel implants are very pleased with their outcomes because they feel and look “naturally, sexy”

Breast enhancement is a very personal decision best discussed in a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.  It is true that the gummy bear implants are not designed for everyone; but for women with a keen aesthetic sense who may be looking for breast enhancement, you should check out the gummy bears before deciding.


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