Dr. Mark Jewell honored for editing a peer-reviewed supplement on soft tissue support biomaterials in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Dr. Mark Jewell and his colleague, Dr. Michael Edwards were honored at a reception during the recent annual meeting of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for their editing of a special edition peer-reviewed journal supplement on materials used to provide soft tissue support. Both Edwards and Jewell contributed the introduction to this work on how biomaterials such as acellular dermal matrix (ADM) and absorbable mesh (Galaflex) can be used to provide additional soft tissue support during cosmetic or reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Jewell has extensive experience in this area with his work in the use of absorbable silk-derived biologic textiles, mesh, and ADM. He has developed innovative ways to make 3-D shapes that simplify their use in breast reconstruction. Other applications include the use of soft tissue support to improve the outcomes in abdominal wall reconstruction. Dr. Jewell has authored several scientific publications in this area. He believes that soft tissue support materials offer patients the capability of better outcomes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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