Why Dr. Jewell is an Expert Injector of Cosmetic Injectables

Image of Botox InjectionsDr. Jewell first used Botox® 15 years ago to improve forehead wrinkles that were caused by frowning. Since that time, he has been a prime mover in the field of Cosmetic Injectables.  He was involved in the development and training of hyaluronic acid fillers (HA) 12 years ago.  He has been a leader in the field of plastic surgery recognizing and lecturing on the importance of the synergistic effect of Cosmetic Injectables, along with surgery and good medical skin care, which he terms “The Wow Factor”.

fat-injections-thumbDr.Jewell did two FDA-approved research studies on “The Safety and Tolerability of Dysport®” and “The Perlane® Midface Voluminzing Study”.  He published peer-reviewed scientific articles for plastic surgeons on this research.  These two articles provide guidance for other expert injectors. Dysport® which is FDA approved is a neurotoxin similar to Botox Cosmetic®.  Dr. Jewell was one of the first physicians to define the difference between filling facial wrinkles verses addressing deficiencies in facial volume. According to Dr. Jewell, patients often need both filling and volume correction.  HA fillers offer advantages over fat grafting in terms of predictability and precision.

He provided the leadership that brought together the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety.  This is a group of well-credentialed providers in the core specialties of plastic surgery, facial plastic, dermatology, and occuloplastic surgery.  According to New Beauty Magazine, there are more than 1.2 million doctors who are legally allowed to administer injectables in the USA, less than 7 percent are qualified to be an Expert Injector™.
Dr. Jewell wrote the Safety With Injectables Workbook for physicians, which is the standard for the injectors as a reference text.  He along with other core specialty colleagues created the web site www.injectablesafety.org .As an Associate Clinical Professor at Oregon Health Science University, he instructs the residents in the use and safety of injectables.

Most importantly, his patients know and respect the work he has done for them utilizing Cosmetic Injectables in their quest for Beauty for Life.  They will tell you there is no one they trust more with their face, whether it’s a needle, laser, or scalpel.


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